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If you want: Joy. Passion. Authenticity. Radical Self-Acceptance. Fierce Self-Love. Peace. Good Sleep. The ability to Relax. Connection. Personal Power. Grace. Growth.Grit. Compassion. Then the Phoenix is right for you.

Maybe everything is wrong – the relationship is non-existent or isn’t working, the job is not inspiring, and even though you have people around you still feel alone. Or maybe nothing is necessarily wrong, but you feel disconnected from life. Like, despite the fact that you have almost everything you’ve wanted, you are still not happy. No matter what is going “wrong” in your life, The Phoenix Retreat is ideal for women who want to:

  • Feel purpose driven, passionate, and brave in their lives.
  • Feel supported as they walk through a life transition i.e. a divorce, career change, or passing of a loved one.
  • Relax and disconnect from the day to day hustle
  • Learn how to meditate
  • Reconnect with their bodies
  • Get UN-stuck and Un-uninspired
  • Be connected, engaged, and open in their daily lives.
Join other like-minded successful women at the Phoenix Retreat and rise anew.

  • Nov 9th - 14th • Hermosa, Costa Rica
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