Why the Phoenix

phoenix retreat

It’s a Retreat for Women. A Yoga Retreat. A Meditation Retreat. A Costa Rica Retreat – All in One.

We have all heard of the Phoenix and how this stunning, colorful bird sets itself on fire and is born anew from the ashes. Most fascinating about this bird is that it chooses when to set itself on fire.

It is not fearful. It embraces the cycle of birth death and rebirth. For this retreat I find the Phoenix to be the perfect metaphor: When who we have been i.e. our way thinking, of feeling, of expressing ourselves no longer serves us- we must make time and space, we must be willing to embrace the fire in order to rise anew.

Joseph Campbell says “we must master the art of dying.” I believe what Campbell meant, like the Phoenix, we must choose to set our old selves ablaze and embrace the new self when who/what we have been no longer serves us. It is when we are rocked out of our comfort zone, it is that moment we realize “this isn’t working”- Maybe it was being laid off from a job, receiving a promotion, a break up, the death of a loved one, or pending nuptials- SOMETHING (or all the things) happen and we are called by seemingly divine knowing to do the all-important work of self-reflection and to answer the call to face the flames to find our newness. I believe we must master the art of dying, or if you prefer, the art of shedding our old skin, or of dropping our armor, of dismantling our old limiting beliefs and fears- if we are to rise anew from the ashes like the Phoenix.

Our promise to you, is that if you are willing to be brave, drop the armor, and do this work with us you will see changes in yourself, your life, and the lives of those around you. Specifically we promise you will:

  • Learn how to be purpose driven in all facets of your life. We will dive deep down and do the necessary work to free ourselves from the limiting beliefs that lead us to this spot in life – uncovering our purpose and redefining what we want our lives to be.
  • Learn to be and honor your very best most authentic selves. Radical self-acceptance comes when we are willing to see ourselves exactly as we are, right where we are – and accept all of it.
  • Experience fierce self-love. Once you see who you are and learn to identify define and cultivate your own purpose – you will naturally give up shame and guilt, you will embrace forgiveness, and love yourself flaws and all.
  • Have more meaningful connections the people in your life. When we are disconnected from ourselves, we are cut off from others too. Building mindful self-awareness practices helps us re-connect breathing new life and power into our personal relationships.
  • Feel intentional in your daily living. We will develop daily self-care practices that you can take home with you bringing intention and self-love with you everyday.
  • Go on a Digital Detox – For this retreat we will be unplugged. There will be no tablets allowed at the retreat at all, with only limited cell phone access. Emergency contact information will be provided.
  • Be surrounded and supported by likeminded successful women who want to raise each other up. The greatest gift most women take with them from the retreat are the connections they make with other women. You will get to take that same love, support, and accountability home with you.

  • Nov 9th - 14th • Hermosa, Costa Rica
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